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Christmas Gift Basket

Italian Almond Cookies {Paste Di Mandorla}

Sicilian Almond Cookies or Paste Di Mandorla are perfect for Holiday Cookie Trays. These Italian Cookies are very easy to make and they disappear quickly! There are dozens if not hundreds of almond cookies in Italy. Some follow the same recipe but have a different name depending of the region of Italy where they’re coming …

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Marron Glacé – Candied Chestnut Treats

Marron Glacé is a delicious candied chestnut treat from Northern Italy and France. It’s especially popular during November and December, when chestnuts are in season. But not just regular chestnuts. As the name implies, Marron Glace is made from marrons – a cultivated type of chestnut. Marrons are of a superior quality, have bigger in …

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Papassini – Sardinian Anise Cookies

Papassini are traditional Sardinian cookies made for All Saints’ Day or Ognisanti (Halloween time). But there is no big holiday that goes by without them. The size of the list of the ingredients might seem as it was re-written from the manuscript 🙂 But in reality, they’re really simple and easy to make. The dough …

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