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Homemade Pasta

Cavatelli Pasta with Artichokes {SUPER YUM}

Cavatelli Pasta with Artichokes

There are a lot of pasta recipes that I would make and eat in a heartbeat. And this cavatelli lemon artichoke pasta is the new addition. You’ll be amazed how few simple ingredients turn into a spectacular pasta bowl. Cavatelli You can make it with store bought or homemade cavatelli. But you probably guessed it, …

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Homemade Egg Pappardelle {Step-By-Step Recipe}

Homemade Egg Pappardelle

Make your own homemade egg pappardelle even if you’ve never made homemade pasta before. Simple, easy and utterly delicious! Pappardelle are perfect to add to your Italian Gift Basket for any occasion. Or simply decorate the box with pappardelle with a nice ribbon and gift them to your family or friends with no reason at …

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