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DIY Italian Gift Basket

Beautiful gift baskets loaded with sweet and savory delicacies is a perfect family gift for almost any occasion and especially for Christmas.

Now, you can choose among dozens if not hundred of done-for-you options, but rest assuared that a custom, thoughtfully chosen DYI food basket will beat any of the store-bought ones.

And it’s really simple to arrange!

All you need is a Cellophane Bags Gift Basket and your favorite picks to put in the basket.

And since you are here, I assume you want to give your gift basket an Italian twist, right?

After all, Italian Gift Baskets are known to be one of the most appreciated ones.

If you have family, friends who are real foodies Italian Gift Basket is exactly what they would want.

Customized Italian food gift baskets is also a great gift for those with Italian roots.

They’ll definitely appreciate delicious memories from home.

Here are a few ideas for you.

Italian Gift Basket Ideas

  1. Panettone or Pandoro

Delicious Italian bread typical for Christmas.

Panettone is a sweet, super soft, lightly moist and airy bread with candied fruit such as orange, lemon and raisins.

Pandoro is a perfect choice for those who don’t like candied fruit. Same delicious bread with only irresistible vanilla flavor.

These are Italian classics.

But of course, you can go beyond that, and try one of the artisan flavors, such as Chocolate Panettone, Apricot and Chocolate Panettone,  Panettone Filled with Sambuca Cream and Espresso Chocolate Chips or even Panettone with Pistacchio Cream!

  1. Italian Pasta

Of course, no Italian Gift Basket should miss at least a pack of pasta!

It’s better if it’s an organic and AUTHENTIC pasta from one of the regions of Italy (and not just a pack of spaghetti or pastina!).

For example choose Sardinian Gnochetti –  Malloreddus or Fregola Sarda.

Curious what you can make with that? Check out these traditional recipes from Sardinia.

Another great choice is Neapolitan olive leaf shaped pasta – Foglie d’Ulivo with spinach flavor.

Check out the recipes here.

Pasta variety pack will also be a great choice.

Of course, homemade pappardelle, tagliatelle or any kind of homemade pasta for that matter will always be appropriate. Just make sure it’s dry enough and can be stored and consumed safely in the next few weeks.a Pesto Mix

  1. Wine or Italian Liqueur

Third must in Italian Gift Basket is, of course, a spirit or wine!

Red, white or much more often semi-sweet sparkling wine like Moscato or dry Prosecco would be a perfect choice.

Want to TRULY surprise your family or friends?

Make your OWN homemade limoncello liqueur. It’s very simple and super easy. You just need to have time to let your lemons macerate in the alcohol (at least 10 days). So the deadline to make your own  limoncello would be early December.

Now, at this point you can decide, whether to complete your gift basket or add more goodies.

  1. Italian Coffee

Who can resist delicious, fragrant full of aroma and flavor Italian coffee?

Impossible. Here’s one of Italians’ top choices: Lavazza Crema e Gusto – Lavazza Cream & Flavor.

  1. Italian Sauces

You can’t go wrong choosing the classics – traditional basil Pesto Genovese.

But if you’re looking for more variety get a Mantova Italian Pesto Mix.

It includes classic Pesto Genovese so as Artichoke paste, Olive paste and Sun Dried Tomato paste.

Now you have some ideas for your Italian gift basket.

See how easy it is to do it DIY.

Best part? You can order ALL pieces from Amazon with just a few clicks and arrange everything in less than 30 minutes when your package arrives.

During Holidays, make sure you do your shopping on time 😉

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