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Cuccidati – Italian Fig Cookies

Cuccidati Siciliani, also spelled as “cucciddati” are typical Italian Fig Cookies from Sicily that are made during Christmas time and big holidays. Shortbread pastry dough stuffed with soft, fragrant mix of dried figs, nuts, chocolate, candied fruit and a hint of cinnamon is what makes cuccidati cookies unforgettable from the first bite. Cuccidati Origin Speaking …

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Fresh Fig Bites With Prosciutto and Rosemary

Fresh figs is that kind of fruit that can instantly transform a few common ingredients into a gourmet meal. Like these prosciutto and fresh fig bites. Super simple yet totally luxurious appetizer for the end of summer or early fall. Sweet, slightly nutty flavor of figs pairs perfectly with salt cured meat like Prosciutto Crudo. …

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