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Homemade italian bread

Traditional Focaccia Bread {Ligurian Focaccia}

Focaccia bread is one of the most famous Italian flatbreads. This Ligurian Focaccia, is the most classic, Italian Focaccia recipe. Soft and spongy inside it’s generously coated with extra virgin olive oil and large coarse sea salt that creates the perfect crust. This recipe is typical to Liguria region and Genoa in particular where it’s …

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Homemade Ciabatta Bread {Step by Step}

Wonderfully chewy on the inside, crusty and golden brown on the outside and irresistible big holes, this homemade ciabatta bread is a perfect rustic bread to deep in soups, make bruschetta and sandwiches. Divide it in smaller pieces and make ciabatta rolls for panini! Ciabatta, pronounced [tʃaˈbatta] and in Italian means night slipper. If you’ve …

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