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Italian biscotti

Canestrelli – Italian Egg Yolk Cookies

Let’s not talk about canestrelli as classic shortbread cookies from Northern Italy (Liguria and Piedmont region in particular) – even though that IS true. But what is more important is this. As you put a cookie in the mouth it immediately feels like heaven. Delicious lemony flavor, super soft and butter-ly texture with a light …

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Cuccidati – Italian Fig Cookies

Cuccidati Siciliani, also spelled as “cucciddati” are typical Italian Fig Cookies from Sicily that are made during Christmas time and big holidays. Shortbread pastry dough stuffed with soft, fragrant mix of dried figs, nuts, chocolate, candied fruit and a hint of cinnamon is what makes cuccidati cookies unforgettable from the first bite. Cuccidati Origin Speaking …

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Pavesini – Lady Finger Cookies

Can we talk girls stuff today? Because there is nothing you wouldn’t LOVE about these cookies! Sweet sponge biscuits, light and super delicate they’re just the perfect treat to spoil yourself, anytime of the day. Yep, anytime. With just about 16 calories per cookie it’s SUPER hard to resist. Luckily, you don’t have to. In …

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Amaretti – Italian Chewy Almond Cookies

Amaretti cookies are probably the world’s most famous Italian cookies out there. And for a good reason! Slightly crunchy on the outside they’re perfectly chewy gooey inside. With the first bite feel bitter sweet almond flavor coating your pallet. Sweet Italian wines like Passito or Moscato Dolce is the best company for amaretti, but a …

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Nutella Cookies with Filling (Nutellotti)

Nutellotti are one of the easiest cookies you can make. With only 3 ingredients, and 10 minutes in the oven they are simply irresistible. I’m yet to see an Italian family that doesn’t have a jar of nutella in the cupboard. And it’s arguably one of the most addictive spreads on the PLANET! What can …

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Lemon Shortbread Cookies with Cream Filling

Fragrant and soft shortbread lemon cookies is a simple treat for almost any occasion. They’re a great company for your morning coffee or afternoon tea. You can even put a couple in a plastic bag and throw them in your purse. It’s always good to have something to munch on 😉 And these cookies become …

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