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Italian Carnival Recipes

Frittelle {Ciambelle} – Italian Doughnuts

Frittelle, ciambelle or simply legendary Italian doughnuts. These is a special treat that should never be missed during Christmas time and especially during Carnival (Mardi Gras) period. And honestly, any other time of the year when you have cravings for a soft, lemon-flavored doughnut that simply melts in your mouth. This an original and authentic …

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Chiacchiere {Crostoli} – Italian Carnival Fritters

Crispy, bubbly and super addicting Chiacchiere ia a typical food during Mardi Gras or Carnival season in Italy. Both kids & adults adore them! Depending on the region they differ in shape, name and even slightly in the ingredients. Chiacchiere, pronounced as [kjakˈkjɛːre], is their typical name in Lombardia, crostoli in Veneto, frappe in Central …

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Pignolata – Italian Fried Honey Balls

Pignolata is one of the most simple and delicious treats typical for Christmas and Carnival season. These slightly crunchy fried dough balls coated with honey and lemon zest they are simple irresistible. Depending in the region, you might also know them by the name Struffoli (Napoli, Campagnia), Cicerchiata (Abruzzo, Marche, Molise), Sannacchiudere (Taranto, Apulia) and …

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