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Recipes with Pistachios

Sicilian Almond Milk Pudding {Biancomangiare}

To someone who grew up in Sicily, Sardinia or Valley d’Aosta biancomangiare pudding unmistakably recalls to their childhood memories. Because this simple almond milk pudding is one of best afternoon snacks for the kids. AND the adults 😉 Biancomangiare is pronounced as “bjan-ko man-ja-re” and literally translates from Italian as “white dish”. It’s made with …

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Fagottini Pasta with Mortadella & Pistachios

Fagottini made from fresh pasta dough with savory Mortadella filling are easy, yummy and pretty impressive. Just look at those beautiful curves 😍 Now imagine how you bite on each piece and feel savory notes of Mortadella and Pistachios bursting with flavor right on your taste buds. Butter and sage is a perfect condiment that …

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Casarecce with Smoked Pancetta & Pistachios

Think you can’t whip up a delicious pasta plate in 14 minutes flat? These casarecce with smoked pancetta and pistachios prove just the opposite! As always, we’re preparing the sauce while boiling pasta. Smoked pancetta and pistachios load it with flavor. Diced shallot and fresh ground pepper add a light bite to the plate. Light …

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