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The Best Italian No Bake Desserts

On a hot summer day, is there anything better than indulging yourself with one of these fresh, mouth watering desserts? 😊

The best part?

Most of them are ready in under 20 minutes and there’s ZERO baking involved 😉💃

Lemon Semifreddo With Ricotta & Fresh Mint Sauce

The lightest, semi-frozen dessert you can imagine!

Its fluffy, mousse-like texture with lemon & mint flavor simply melts in your mouth 🍋😊😋😍

Lemon Semifreddo With Ricotta & Mint Sauce

Lemon Semifreddo Recipe

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Coffee Granita {Sicilian Recipe}

An ice-cold ☕ coffee granita is what hot summer days are made for!

Enjoy it with whipped cream spoon after spoon….YUM!😋

Delicious Coffee Granita {Sicilian Recipe}

Coffee Granita Recipe

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Strawberry Gelato {Without An Ice Cream Maker}

“I don’t want another scoop of strawberry gelato” – no one said EVER 😜

Here’s how you easily make it at home with no special equipment!

Delicious Strawberry Gelato (Without an Ice Cream Maker!)

Strawberry Gelato (No Ice Cream Maker) Recipe

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Biancomangiare {Sicilian Almond Milk Pudding}

Afternoon treats come to perfection in this ridiculously simple summer dessert.

😍 it involves only 4 basic ingredients

😍 you can top with a your favorite topping and celebrate new flavors with the same dessert you made yesterday 😉

Sicialian Almond Milk Pudding {Biancomangiare}

Biancomangiare – Sicilian Almond Milk Pudding Recipe

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Classic Italian Panna Cotta

Who doesn’t love Italian panna?

How about making it in your own kitchen in less than 20 minutes 😍😍

Like with biancomangiare you can top this silky creamy mouse with any topping you like!

Just one word – heaven 😊

Classic Italian Panna Cotta with Raspberry Balsamic Sauce

Classic Italian Panna Cotta Recipe

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Tiramisu Cups

Any coffee lovers here? 😃

This one is for you.

Coffee soaked ladyfingers layered with delicious melt-in-the-mouth mascarpone cream. Yum!

Individual Tiramisu Cups {Easy & Delicious!}

Tiramisu Cups Recipe

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Strawberries Balsamic & Ricotta

Fresh strawberries, aged balsamic vinegar and ricotta cheese is a match made in heaven.

All it takes is 3 ingredients and 2 minutes flat ti whip up this out-of-the-box yumminess 😋

Strawberries Balsamic: Simple, Delicious, No Bake Summer Dessert

Strawberries Balsamic & Ricotta Recipe

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Italian Fruit Salad {Macedonia Di Frutta}

If you have grown in Italian family your nonna definitely made macedonia di frutta from mixed fruits that were forgotten in the fridge.

It’s an all-year-round dessert that can never go wrong ❤

Fresh fruits & 2 secret ingredients is all you need.

Macedonia Di Frutta {Italian Fruit Salad}

Italian Fruit Salad Recipe

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Have you ever tried any of these desserts? What is your favorite?
Hit reply in the comments! I’d love to know 😃

The Best Italian No Bake Desserts {With RECIPES}

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