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Summer Melon And Cucumber Salad

What do you guys expect from a summer salad that’s perfect as a side or all on its own?
Should be refreshing? Yes.
Succulent? Sure.
Crunchy? Yes, please.
How about sweet bites paired with notes of tangy arugula & balsamic? Yum.
Add all bright summer colors? Love it.
Takes like 5 minute to make? WANT IT NOW
That’s a pretty short but totally descriptive intro for this amazing cantaloupe and cucumber summer salad.

Tips & Tricks

Choose a good ripe cantaloupe but NOT over ripe one.
Too ripe cantaloupe has a mushy pulp and doesn’t hold cube shape and has a different taste.
Plus you can go and google “overripe cantaloupe” and see what search suggestions come up (not very inspiring, lol).

Of course, you can’t always know what you buy, but you can minimizes the risk.
This is a trick that I’ve learned from my husband’s friend who is originally from Apulia region of Italy.
And they totally know a thing or two about fruits 😉

Summer Melon & Cucumber Salad {Juicy, Crunchy, Refreshing!})

How to choose perfect ripe cantaloupe

So next time you’re choosing a melon cantaloupe press with your thumbs on the blossom end of the cantaloupe. If it yields easily – there’s like 99% chance it’s overripe.
If it’s hard to press or it just only some give – you’re likely getting a perfect cantaloupe.

Of course, once you get it, don’t let it sit in the fridge for too long.
Just a few days – MAX. Otherwise it’ll continue to ripen to the point it’s not going to be edible any longer.

Pro Tip
If you want to make it next level – add prosciutto roses or simply serve with a plate of your favorite cold cuts.

Summer + This Salad = Love

Full Recipe

Summer Melon & Cucumber Salad {Juicy, Crunchy, Refreshing!})

Summer Melon And Cucumber Salad

Juicy, crunchy and super refreshing summer melon and cucumber salad.
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Prep Time5 minutes
Total Time5 minutes
Course: Salad
Cuisine: Italian
Servings: 4



Dice the cantaloupe:

  • Wash cantaloupe under cold running water and scrub it well with a vegetable scrub.
  • Trim off the top and bottom. Peel off the rind.
  • Cut cantaloupe in half through the center and remove all the seeds with a spoon.
  • Cut each half faced cut side down in strips, then dice.

Dice the cucumber:

  • Wash and scrub cucumber in the same manner.
  • If using organic cucumbers leave the skin on, otherwise remove the skin with a vegetable peeler.
  • Cut cucumber in half lengthwise. You can also remove the seeds if you prefer.
  • Cut each half again and chop crosswise to get quarter-circle dices.

Arange the salad:

  • In a large bowl mix diced melon, cucumber, arugula leaves.
  • Add extra virgin olive oil.
  • Sprinkle with salt and chia seeds.
  • Give your salad a gentle stir.
  • Serve with aged balsamic vinegar or balsamic glaze.


Instead of chia seeds you can used poppy seeds. They also add contrast and a hint of flavor to the salad.
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Summer Melon & Cucumber Salad {Juicy, Crunchy, Refreshing!})

Try it and let me know, k? 🙂

Buon Appetito!

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