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Ciao and welcome to Italian Recipe Book!

I’m Svitlana and I’m the voice behind this blog.

Since early childhood I always loved to hang out in the kitchen mixing, kneading, rolling and cooking/baking things.

But I haven’t realized this was my real calling up until a few years ago.

In my university years I’ve studied economics and tourism management and graduated with “Economic Cybernetics” major degree and “Tourism Management” Bachelor degree. No braggin’ intended 🙂

But none of that felt like a dream career to me.

After I unexpectedly lost my father in 2016 to a sudden acute heart failure (a little over a month after the wedding)… I went through some of the darkest times in my life.

I realized, this is THE turning point and big changes needed to happen.

That was the time when the idea of this food blog was born and I saw a light that sparkled my eyes and warmed my heart for the first time in a LONG time.

Living in Italy, being immersed in its traditions and now knowing what I truly LOVE doing, connected the dots.

I couldn’t dedicate myself to anything else but ITALIAN food.

Of course, a Ukrainian girl in Italian world had a lot of things to learn.

I also knew the risk, the fear of being judged was (and probably still IS) high.

But all I needed to know is that it’s not your origin that makes you a great cook but your PASSION, your skills, your indomitable desire to learn and share what you’ve learned with others, knowing you’d be of help.

During the last decade, I had an opportunity to travel quite a lot and visited almost 20 different countries (and counting..).

A huge portion of that time I’ve spent in the US and still feel binded to this culture and people.

Guessed why you’re reading my recipes in English? 😉

I’ve also noticed there’s a lot of misconception and misinterpretation about what REAL, AUTHENTIC homemade Italian food is.

I don’t think it’s a good or a bad thing. It’s just how it is. It’s norm and it’s natural. Each place will try to adopt the foreign recipe to its culture, local habits and taste preferances.

Nevertheless, my goal with Italian Recipe Book is to bring you the most TRADITIONAL, family preserved recipes that I’ve learned from my Italian friends, ladies at the local food markets, sometimes complete strangers that share the same passion for food and cooking and of course from my Sardinian mother in law who is an excellent cook and always, ALWAYS willing to share her secrets, her techniques and her experience in the kitchen.

So this is how the story took off.

And even though it was totally my thing to ramble and create stuff in the kitchen little did I know about this food blogging thing!

Of course, it was immediately clear to me that no food blog can thrive without AH-MAZING, mouth watering pictures.

You know, that kind of pictures that make you drool just looking at that food 😋

My iPhone and a couple of ninja hacks were savers for a couple of month.

But then something totally unexpected happened.

On one of those afternoon when the whole kitchen set up was revolutionized to get that perfect daylight for the pictures, my husband rang the door bell.

As he stepped in the door I saw him dragging a big bag right behind him.

Yes, its was for me! Something that would take this journey to the whole next level – my first EVER DLSR camera – Nikon 3200 – YAY!!

And I’m extremely grateful to him for noticing my struggles YET believing and caring in what I do.

Ever since he has been putting all his to support my cooking and photography addiction.

He’s paid well, by the way 😉  In forms of cookies, desserts and all his favorite things.

So here I am, just poured my heart out and feel a little bit vulnerable but grateful, happy and strong at the same time.

Sincerely hope you enjoy all the recipes and cooking experiences I’m sharing here and can’t wait to hear from you 😊

Buona giornata and talk soon!

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