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Baked Spinach Florentine Style

Baked Spinach Florentine Style

Simple and healthy backed spinach Florentine style is a great side dish but also a perfect light meal all on it’s own. Spinach is considered to be one of those super foods for any diet. It’s super low in calories but has an astonishing nutritional composition. Spinach is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals, including …

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Creamy Spinach Risotto - Always in Season

Creamy Spinach Risotto

Spinach risotto is one of those good old classics. It’s never boring, always light. And depending on where you are cooking from, spinach, unlike other greens, most likely is always in season. Now, there are two ways how spinach risotto can be cooked. The first version: we saute the spinach first, together with shallot. Then …

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