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Fresh Fig Bites With Prosciutto and Rosemary

Fresh figs is that kind of fruit that can instantly transform a few common ingredients into a gourmet meal.

Like these prosciutto and fresh fig bites.

Super simple yet totally luxurious appetizer for the end of summer or early fall.

Sweet, slightly nutty flavor of figs pairs perfectly with salt cured meat like Prosciutto Crudo.

Add a dollop of creamy Stracciatella cheese (or you can even use Mozzarella Bocconcini) and a tiny sprig of rosemary to complete the perfect combo.

Fresh Fig Appetizer

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Fresh Fig Appetizer

Fresh Fig Bites With Prosciutto and Rosemary

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  • 8 Black Mission Figs
  • 8 sliced Prosciutto Crudo
  • 4 oz Fresh Mozzarella Ball
  • 1-2 tbsp milk or cream
  • Fresh Rosemary


  • In a food processor or blender pulse fresh Mozzarella cut in cubes with milk just enough to make a creamy but still chunky texture of stracciatella.
  • Tap fresh figs with a wet paper towel. Make two cross-cuts ⅔ through each fig. It’ll open like a flower.
  • On a serving plate arrange prosciutto slices and top with figs.
  • Using a pastry bag or a spoon squeeze a dollop of stracciatella in the center of each fig.
  • Garnish with a small sprig of fresh rosemary.


If you have to prepare this appetizer in advance, prepare all the ingredients beforehand. Cut figs and assemble the bites just before serving to keep prosciutto and mozzarella from drying.
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Fresh Fig Appetizer

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