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Atlas Pasta Machine By Marcato {Detailed Review & User Guide}

It’s impossible to imagine and Italian household where there is no a pack of pasta in the pantry.

And while pasta is availble in the stores and online in all imaginable types and forms, still there is nothing that can be compared to a homemade one.

And here’s where a good, quality pasta machine comes into play.

It’s the best tool to make any kind of long flat shape pasta or roll perfect pasta dough for ravioli, tortellini, fagottini and MUCH MORE.

It’s also an indispensable tool for many traditional Italian desserts.

Yes, good old “matarello” (IT. rolling pin) still works, but pasta machine not only makes your life easier but also does the better job making an equally perfect pasta sheet every single time.

And if you don’t have a pasta machine yet, you seriously shoul get one!

Otherwise you wouldn’t be HERE on ItalianRecipeBook looking at all those delicious pastas and desserts, right!? 😉

In this review we’ll talk about WHY Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine is THE BEST pasta maker you can get today. And if you already have one, learn to to properly use and care for your pasta machine.

Atlas Marcato pasta machines are MADE IN ITALY by Marcato Company.

They make pasta machine and a few more tools for pasta, pizza and cookies is ALL they make.

And their products are nothing short of epic.

With over 80 years of experience in the pasta roller market they care not only about the functionality and design but also about health and quality of the final product – your pasta.

For Marcato, the concept of “Wellness” does not simply mean using safe materials to manufacture its products. It also means following a healthy diet based on simple, genuine foods, re-discovering the flavours of Italian traditions and the balance of the Mediterranean diet: a conscious approach to food, that does not take the pleasure out of it, rather, it entails adopting mental and physical well-being as an actual lifestyle.

That’s the reason why the most recent model of Marcato pasta machine is called “Wellness”. Marcato Atlas Wellness comes with the following pretty standard technical specifications:

  • 6-inch wide roller (that means maximum width of the dough sheets are 6 inches)
  • 10 thickness settings, from 0 to 9 (position 9 makes the thinnest paper-thin dough 0.6 millimeters)
  • 2 removable cutter heads that come together with a machine (spaghetti and tagliatelle or fettuccine)
  • 1 removable and replaceable hand crank with ABS plastic grip
  • 1 clamp to set the machine to the counter top

AtlasMotor, the electric version of Atlas pasta machine additionally comes with a motor drive and a power cord.

Attach it by simply twisting and locking it in place.

Atlas Electric Motor Attachment can also be purchase separately.

Design: choose from 9 different colors.

Attachments: 12

Pappardelle Attachment

Linguine Attachment

Mafaldine Attachment

Lasagnette Attachment

Reginette Attachment

Capellini Attachment

Vermicelli Attachment

Spaghetti Chitarra

Trenette Attachment

Bigoli Attachment

Ravioli Attachment

Raviolini Attachment

These attachments are available for purchase separately from the machine.

What makes Atlas Marcato the BEST

Among overall top-notch quality of this pasta machine what really sets Atlas Wellness apart is the material it’s made of. Built and patented with anodized aluminium alloy rollers rollers that keep out any harmful metal out of your pasta.

The pasta machine is built and patented with chrome-plated steel with anodized aluminium alloy rollers which do not release any harmful metals onto the dough, making 100% fresh and wholesome pasta.

How to use pasta machine

How To Assemble Pasta Machine

Clamp to secure the pasta machine to your work surface.

Insert a handle with a black ABS plastic grip.

If you have an electric version with a motor drive, insert it in the connection hole (same you use for the handle). Twist and lock.

Insert the power cord in the motor drive and plug into the electric outlet.

Cut off a piece of the dough ball and slightly flatten it out with your fingers.

Set a thickness regulating head to position 0 and start passing the dough between the rollers.

Fold the dough as shown in the picture and repeat the process changing the regulator position by one. Repeat until you reach the desired thickness.

When you use your machine for the FIRST time, pass a small piece of the dough through the rollers a couple of times on different thickness and throw it away. The fresh dough serves perfectly to clean the new machines.

Tips and tricks on how to clean pasta machine

How To Clean Pasta Machine

Cleaning pasta machine is really a simple and easy process.

You just need to follow a few simple rules for your pasta machine to last almost forever.

First, and foremost:


Never wash your pasta machine with water or in the dishwasher.

Not only it will clump up the old flour but it will also rust.


A simple pastry brush or even a rough paint brush will do the job.

Wait for a few hours to clean your pasta machine.

Let any trapped pasta and flour “crumbs” dry. Then pass with a clean dry brush through the rollers and any flour or dough will just fall off.

Using a paper towel simple wipe and polish all sides of the machine and the base.

TIP: Always use a good amount of flour to prevent small dough crumbs getting stuck in the rollers.

If you are faced in front of a decision whether to get a manual pasta machine or an electric pasta machine without hesitation go for an electric version.

Electric pasta machine is SOOO much easier on your hands, wrists and back! It’ll totally be worth the investment. Plus it comes with a hand crank anyway, so just in case you need to switch to manual mode you can do so easily.

Why Atlas Marcato Pasta Machine?

This machine will open a whole new world of cooking possibilities, and not only for pasta!

And if you have someone who loves cooking, this will be the most precious gift that will last and keep memories for years and years.

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