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Here you’ll find delicious contorni recipes for any occasion. “Contorni” translated from Italian means “Side Dishes”. Singular term is “contorno”.
There are 2 more popular types of Italian contorno:
1. A simple salad that includes mostly raw veggies and sometimes other ingredients such as cheese, olives, tomatoes.
2. Simply cooked veggies. I especially love them because you can always use leftovers to make Italian Frittata the next day or make bigger batch an use it as a pasta sauce.

I’m sure you’ll love these tricks too!

Italian side dishes are not overpowering as their goal is to refresh your taste palette before moving to the dessert.

Having said that some types of contorni can be served as a meal in and of itself.

On this page you’ll find the best Contorni recipes to serve with your meat or fish main course.